Railway projects

Reference in transportation of railway material in Europa

Multitrade Spain has for more than 20 years developed equipment, systems and procedures dedicated to the transport of railway stock. The main European manufacturers are regular customers of ours who trust us to transport their locomotives, coaches and carriages to destinations around the world.

In recent years, we have also started to work with the most important manufacturers of Asia and Africa, performing triangular transport operations between Asia and Africa, Africa and South America as well as within the African continent.

Our success in the projects and the confidence of the manufacturers over the last 20 years has been the basis of a team of industrial project professionals specialised in the railway world. This speciality covers everything from the railway infrastructure and overhead lines to the diversity of rolling stock, starting with large locomotives, railway carriages, underground coaches, trams, railway construction and maintenance machinery, and ending with parts and accessories.

The customers of the railway industry send their transport problems to Multitrade Spain, which offers a door-to-door service covered by a highly detailed technical study which is presented along with the economic offer to achieve the project.